Are Mango Seeds Poisonous to You or Your Pet

Mango seeds aren’t poisonous to humans and pets like dogs. However, eating mango seeds whole can cause other issues such as lodging in the throat. Thus, they can be harmful if not eaten the right way.

So, in the rest of this guide, I’ll discuss why mangoes aren’t poisonous, where the misconception comes from and how to eat mango seeds correctly.

Is It Safe to Eat the Seed of a Mango?

Mango seeds are nutritious and can be eaten when you’re done with the fruit. It’s best to eat the fruit of an unripe mango since it’s softer and sweeter than a ripe mango seed. However, that doesn’t make the mature mango seed undesirable.

Also, dogs eat mango seeds too, primarily because of their chewability. The mango seed isn’t poisonous to dogs but can lodge in their throat if they try to swallow. Thus, ensure the mango seed won’t be a choking hazard for your dog if you want them to have it.

Finally, you can consume mango seeds by using them to infuse drinks, making them into a standalone snack, after-meal mouth freshener, or in other capacities.

Follow the linked article below to find five ways to eat a mango seed.

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Can You Eat the Inside of a Mango Pit?

The inside of a mango pit is the best part of the mango seed to eat. This part can be used to infuse drinks or prepared as a standalone snack.

Likewise, the inside of a mango pit isn’t poisonous, just like the rest of the mango. Thus, it’s safe to eat unless you have a mango-related allergy.

Do Mango Seeds Contain Urushiol?

Mango seeds contain trace amounts of urushiol oil from the tree sap but not in severe quantities to be bothered about.

Likewise, your pet may get this oil on its skin if it’s been hanging out under mango trees or gets the fruit’s juice on its body. In that case, shampoo off the dog to prevent sticky fur and allergic reactions from anyone who pets the dog.

Mango seeds are considered toxic because mangoes contain trace amounts of urushiol, the same organic oil on poison ivy. However, this oil is contained in trace amounts here and won’t trigger a reaction, except a person sensitive to it peels the mango.

Are There Other Uses for Mango Seeds?

Are There Other Uses for Mango Seeds
Mango seeds can be used as teethers for babies

Besides outright eating a mango seed, you can also use it for

  • Infusing drinks. So, your drinks have a taste of the mango without taking over, adding extra flavor.
  • Teether for babies. Mango seeds are slightly chewable and retain some sweet mango taste. So, it’s no wonder it works on babies.
  • Post-meal mouth fresheners. Some old Indian recipes have mango seeds used as mouth fresheners after meals.

Should You Eat Mango Seeds?

It comes down to personal preferences.

I don’t eat mango seeds, not because they’re bad, but because I’ve never had the time to prepare one. So, I eat my mango and set the seed aside to throw it away.

If you like exploring and have the time, try a mango seed recipe today.

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