Can Mango Change Your Urine Color (+ Alternative Uses)

Eating mango can change your urine color, but the color change can also be due to other factors like how hydrated or healthy you are.

It might be scary when this happens due to fruit intake, but you shouldn’t be scared.

In this article, I’ll give instances where fruits can change your pee color while providing solutions when you’re in that situation. 

Can Fruits Change Your Urine Color?

Fruits can change your urine color when taken in excess.

Mango, for instance, turns your urine light yellow, In contrast, beetroot, blackberries, and rhubarb can give your urine a red color while carrots can give you a light orange colored urine.

What to Do if Urine Color Changes After Eating Mango?

Here are some things to do if your urine changes color after consuming mangoes:

  • Stop eating mango for a while. By doing so, your body regulates the amount of Vitamin C, bringing your urine back to its usual transparent color.
  • Stop drinking mango juice. Mango juice, like mango, would have the same effect on your urine when taken in excess. So, pause consumption till your body has fully regulated the amount of juice you’ve already taken.
  • Drink lots of water in healthy doses. Drinking water (not in excess but in healthy amounts) will help flush out the coloration as quickly as possible.
  • See a doctor. Contact your doctor immediately if you’ve tried the DIY solutions you know and none works. The persisting coloration might be due to the effect of something more harmful than the excess mango intake.
  • Eat more vegetables and healthier food. Eating healthy and adequately can help discontinue your urine coloration. Some vegetables can help produce chemicals that revert urine color to normal.
  •  Avoid food/drinks with coloring. Eating/drinking any other colored food product will worsen the case and may lead to multiple urine colorations.


Colored compounds in fruits like mango will change urine coloration when taken in excess. But whenever you experience this, stay calm and stop consuming the fruit/fruit juice for the time being.

Most times, it corrects itself. And if it doesn’t, visit your doctor. Overall, avoid any unsafe DIY methods or homemade solutions to get your pee color back to normal to prevent other health issues.

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