Can You Eat Mango After Drinking Beer

Evidence has shown that consuming mango after taking beer can help wash out the beer from the system faster, thanks to the natural sugars present in the fruit.

However, myths and rumors are going on about mangoes being a harmful mixture with beer/alcohol.

So, in this article, I’ll expose the wrong sides of some of these myths with clear answers.

Is It Harmful to Drink a Cold Beer After Taking Mango?

You can drink a cold beer after eating a mango, and the mixture won’t have any adverse effects. The only issue is that the taste of the mango and the drink might not be as good as expected.

 Debunking the Myth: Alcohol Goes with Mango

Below are some of the debunked myths surrounding the consumption of mango and beer:

  1. Some alcohols have mango in them: Alcoholic drinks like mango vodka, mango orange rum punch, and mango whiskey smash all have mangoes in them. If these drinks cause harm to people, they won’t be served in bars.
  2. In other cases, some bars also sell beers or drinks that have mango in them. Beers like blue moon, mango lassi, and mango wheat beer are all mango-infused drinks.
  3. Research has also shown that some mangoes have naturally produced alcohol in them
  4. Finally, no scientific research has shown that mixing mango with beer/alcohol or eating mango after drinking harms your health.

Rare Reasons Not to Eat Mango After Drinking Beer

Some of the reasons why you might not want to eat a mango after drinking beer are as follows:

  1. Mango allergy is a possible reason to avoid eating fruit after drinking a beer. The allergy might stem from the urushiol oil on the skin of the mango or due to overeating.
  2. On the other hand, you might be allergic to some types of beer. When you drink this type of beer and eat the mango, you might conclude that it caused the wrong reaction.
  3. You should avoid eating mangoes after drinking if you have diarrhea. The mango might prolong diarrhea.
  4. Are you feeling nauseous after drinking? Then avoid mangoes at all costs. Eating a mango when nauseous might increase nausea, resulting in a more severe issue.


Can Mangoes Help With Hangovers?

Mangoes can help with hangovers as it helps the body in the mass production of enzymes that break down the alcohol faster.

Mango & Beer: The Ultimate Combo?

Mangoes generally can’t and won’t cause you any harm when eaten before or after drinking a beer. You should only avoid this combination if you’re allergic to some mangoes/beer, have diarrhea, or you shouldn’t medically be consuming either.

Otherwise, enjoy.

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