Can You Take Mangoes on a Flight

You can take mangoes on a flight to eat as a mid-flight snack or simply transport them to your destination. Sometimes, air transport officials won’t allow mangoes on their flights if you didn’t make inquiries before bringing them to the airport, check the legality of flying with mangoes at your destination, or you packed it wrongly.

So, keep reading to learn the necessary steps for taking a mango on a flight.

Can You Fly With Mangoes Into the USA?

You generally can’t fly into the US with mangoes to avoid the spread of mango-related or crop-centric pests and diseases which may be affecting your mango fruit. 

However, the USA allows travelers from specific countries to come in with mangoes. In that case, you’ll need to have submitted a form declaring the fruit to Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Can You Take Mangoes on a Domestic Flight?

You can carry mangoes on a domestic flight with little or no restrictions. A notable limitation is traveling to regions like Hawaii, as mango isn’t allowed to be transported there. 

Thus, visit your airline’s website or call a customer care agent to know whether you can travel with mangoes to your intended destination.

Can You Eat Your Mangoes on a Plane?

You can bring your mangoes to eat on a plane as long as the airport authorities, aircrew, or any other relevant airport security and administration member does not prohibit it. In fact, the TSA allows domestic and international flight passengers to carry mangoes in with their hand luggage for in-flight consumption.

Can You Check the Mangoes in Your Luggage?

You can check mangoes in your luggage if you have informed the airline authorities of your intention and got approval. Otherwise, your luggage might be withheld and the mango confiscated.

Can You Get in Trouble for Taking Mangoes on a Flight?

You can take mangoes on a flight without trouble if you’re not breaking any rules. This could be to take the mango as an in-flight snack or carry it to your destination.

However, you won’t be allowed to fly with mango juice or other liquids.

How to Know Whether You Can Fly with Mangoes or Not?

Below are some of the best ways to know whether mangoes are allowed on a flight:

  1. Check the airline’s website: The airline’s website may provide answers on its food and fruit policy. If it’s certified that you can, it would also help you understand the necessary packing steps to avoid confiscation of your mango.
  2. Call the airline’s representative: Airline representatives or customer care agents can help you through flying with your mango(es). As an extra, you can ask them various questions concerning traveling with the fruit.
  3. Ask on forums: Joining an airline/flying forum connects you to various people who could have been in your shoes before. They could brief you on the limitations and necessary actions to pack fruit. Some of these forums are Airliners Forum and forums.

How to Fly With Mangoes?

Here are some guidelines on flying with mangoes to avoid getting into trouble.

  1. Ensure it’s legal: Before you transport a mango, make sure it’s certified as permitted by the airline authorities. For example, you can’t transport Indian mangoes into the USA without getting penalized.
  2. Declare it at the destination: If you travel with mangoes, declare it at the destination upon arrival. Informing your country/state of departure about the mango doesn’t mean it would be accepted at your destination.
  3. Pack the mangoes properly: Ensure you properly pack your mangoes when flying, as the airline won’t be responsible for any liabilities or damage. It’s advisable to pack sliced mangoes in a resealable bag or a container, while whole mangoes can be padded with wood wool before wrapping.

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