How to Get Mango Out of Your Teeth

The best way to get stuck mango out of your teeth is by using dental floss or knotted floss for more stubborn mango fibers. Also, you can brush your teeth, use your fingers or try a toothpick removal method.

Continue with the rest of this piece to learn more about how to get mango out of your teeth and when to use each method.

How Do You Get a Stuck Mango Out of Your Teeth?

You can get mango out of your teeth by using dental floss, choosing the toothpick removal method, brushing your teeth, or using knotted floss.

Here’s a quick overview of the various methods to get mango threads and fibers out of your teeth after eating.

Use Dental Floss

Dental floss is helpful to get food particles out of your teeth. Follow the guidelines below:

  1. Wrap a lengthy amount of floss on each middle finger.
  2. Locate where the mango threads are stuck in your teeth.
  3. Hold the floss between your index finger and thumb on both hands.
  4. Slide the floss up and down, slowly but repeatedly.
  5. Curve the floss around the base of the gum and gently slide it down.
  6. Repeat this, and the stuck mango should come out quickly.

Caution: If you don’t floss regularly, doing it now may cause some gum bleeds.

Use a Toothpick

Getting a stuck mango out using a toothpick is relatively straightforward too. Here’s how:

  1. Find where the mango threads are stuck with your tongue, 
  2. Trace the toothpick along the point, and use it to remove the mango. 

However, toothpicks have sharp pointed edges. So, go gentle on this method, or you may hurt your gum, leading to an infection.

Use a Paper Towel

You can try using a paper towel to gently pull down the mango thread in your teeth if other methods so far don’t work or you’re not comfortable with them.

Here’s how to use a paper towel:

  1. Get a paper towel.
  2. Wet the towel lightly.
  3. Use your tongue to identify the teeth where the mango fiber is stuck.
  4. Hold the paper towel between your thumb and index finger.
  5. Wrap the paper towel around the front and back of the teeth.
  6. Gently draw up and down to remove the mango fiber.

Brush Your Teeth  

Using a toothbrush is a more straightforward process to get mango fibers out of your teeth. 

Move the brush up and down where the mango got stuck, and stop for a rinse immediately after you feel it’s out.

Like other processes, don’t be aggressive while doing this. Remember, you aren’t trying to injure your gum but to get a food particle out.

Use a Knotted Floss

Adding a tiny knot to your flossing thread sometimes offers a higher chance of particle removal. You should go for this if the regular flossing isn’t working. 

Tie a knot in your floss, and carefully repeat the same steps you would while flossing.

Use Your Fingers

Never use your fingernails on your teeth as these could prick your gum, damage it and cause an infection. Instead, use the soft top of your thumb and index finger.

Here’s how:

  1. Use your tongue to locate where the mango fiber is stuck. You can also use a mirror.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Sandwich the affected tooth between your thumb and index finger.
  4. Gently pull down (not on the teeth) to slide down the mango thread.
  5. Repeat until done.

Again, don’t make this an aggressive process. Go as gently as possible.

See a Dentist

Having food particles lodged in your gum for long is dangerous. If any of those mentioned above didn’t prove effective, visit your dentist. 

Remember: Mango threads can irritate you since they never come out quickly. Be calm whenever you are trying to remove them to avoid having cavities.

How to Stop Mangoes Getting Stuck in Your Teeth?

You can avoid biting directly into the mangoes, slice mangoes with a knife first, adjust your mango bite angle or try other mango consumption methods.

I’ve expanded on the multiple ways to eat your mangoes without them getting stuck in your teeth below.

Eat Mangoes With Less Fiber

Some mango varieties contain less fiber than others. For example, you’ll have a more challenging time keeping the threads from the Keitt mango out of your teeth than those from an Ataulfo/honey mango.

Especially if you like to bite into the mango, you may have to choose a honey mango over regular mango.

Don’t Bite Into the Mango 

Biting into mangoes to eat them directly is one of my favorite ways to eat mangoes. However, this also increases the chances of getting fibers in your teeth, especially if you’re eating varieties like Keitt mango and Tommy Atkins mangoes.

Slice the Mango With a Knife First

Using a knife, cut the mango gently, avoiding its seed, and eat.

Here’s a video on cutting mangoes properly that you’ll like.

How to Dice a Mango in 1 Minute

Adjust Your Bite Angle

Food might stick easily to a particular side of your mouth. If you notice this, bite and chew with the other part of your mouth.

Try Other Mango Consumption Methods

You can also decide to convert the mango into a smoothie (banana and peaches mix well with this). Or, you can use it as a dressing or use it to add flavor when cooking pork, duck, or chicken.

Can Mangoes Increase Your Risk of Getting Cavities?

If sugar isn’t properly washed from the mouth, it can cause cavities. Mango particles stuck in the mouth for an extended period can cause caries in the teeth due to their sugary content. Also, removing these threads might damage your teeth with cavities if not correctly done.

Eat Mangoes Better

It’s almost impossible to eat fibrous mangoes and not have any stuck in your teeth. If left for too long, it may cause toothache and other discomforts.

So, check any of the discussed methods above to get mangoes out of your teeth while reducing your chances of getting another fiber in your teeth.

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