How Long Does Cut Mango Last in The Fridge

Cut mangoes can last from a few days to a few months in the fridge, depending on how they’re stored and how ripe the mango was before cutting.

Thus, a cut ripe mango can last for five days in the fridge or up to ten months in the freezer. However, cut unripe mangoes won’t last as long and should be consumed fast.

Please keep reading to learn how to store cut mango in the fridge properly and make it last longer.

Can You Store Mango After Cutting It?

Mango can be stored up after cutting to prevent wastage. Storing a cut mango in the fridge lasts five days, while the cut mango can last up to three months in a freezer.

When storing a cut mango, keep these options in mind:

  • Refrigerating a ripe mango is suitable for five days (5 days). You should avoid refrigerating cut unripe mango (if by chance you cut any). Find a quick way to put the other half into use.
  • Cut mango can last 5-10 months in the freezer if you first store it in an airtight container.

Before you store any cut mango, make sure it isn’t too mushy or extra juicy. These are signs of overripening and will impact how long the mango can last.

Do Cut Mangos Need to Be Refrigerated?

Cut mangoes should be refrigerated if you can’t consume them all at once and you want to keep them for later use. Leaving the mango at room temperature speeds up the decay process, so refrigeration is your best bet.

At room temperature, a cut mango will remain usable for up to two hours (2 hours), after which it’s contaminated and unsafe for eating.

To avoid this, refrigerate the cut mango till you need it.

How to Properly Store a Cut Mango in the Fridge?

How to Properly Store a Cut Mango in the Fridge

You should store your cut mangoes in the fridge by first transferring them into the proper container/packaging and placing it in an optimal region of your fridge.

Follow the steps below to store your cut mangoes in a fridge:

  1. Get a clean, dry, airtight container.
  2. Transfer the cut mangoes into the container.
  3. Place the mangoes in the “vegetable tray” section of your fridge.

Note that you can also use airtight (transparent) bags to store your mangoes in the fridge. Plus, you can still place the mango in parts of the refrigerator other than the veggies section.

How to Properly Store a Cut Mango in the Freezer

Mango can be kept fresh for ten months if stored correctly in a freezer. To retain this quality, follow these guidelines:

  1. Chop the mango fruit. This allows for even temperature spread to different parts of the mango
  2. Place the cut-up mango on a baking sheet and freeze for two hours (2 hours).
  3. Take the frozen mango and place them separately in a freezer-safe bag. 
  4. Squeeze the air out of the bag;
  5. Place the bag(s) inside your freezer.

How Do You Know When a Sliced Mango Is Bad?

Sliced mango should be discarded when you observe a:

  • Change in smell. The mango smells different and now has an alcoholic odor.
  • Mushy texture. It gets very soft and caves in or bursts juice with a slight press;
  • Taste. If you bite it and it has a different taste compared to ripe mangoes.

You can also check for any dark spots or bruises if you store your sliced mango with its skin. This is also a sign showing it’s no longer safe for consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mangoes Go Bad in the Fridge?

Mangoes can go bad in the fridge if they’re not stored in appropriate containers, at the right temperature, or they’ve been stored for too long. Likewise, cut unripe mangoes go bad faster in the fridge than cut ripe mangoes.

Thus, it’s essential to know the mango’s ripeness and store it appropriately to prevent it from going bad.

Do Mangoes Discolor After Cutting?

Mangoes may discolor after cutting if they’re not stored properly or have been stored for longer than their storage life. Likewise, mangoes will also discolor after cutting if they’re not preserved at all, or you wait too long after cutting to keep them.

How Long Do Peeled Mangoes Last?

Peeled mangoes can last 5-7 days in a fridge or up to ten months in a freezer if properly stored in an airtight container. However, the peeled mangoes have to be ripe to last that long. Otherwise, they may only last a few days before going bad.

How Do You Store Half a Mango?

The best way to store half a mango is to place it in an airtight container/bag and put it in the refrigerator, which lasts for about five days. You can store half a mango for ten months by placing it in the fridge instead of a freezer.

Even so, unripe mangoes usually go bad faster than ripe mangoes and may not enjoy such long storage times.

Store Your Mangoes Properly

Since mangoes are always in season, you don’t have to store your mangoes forever for fear of losing supply. Also, the US imports the majority of mangoes we consume, anyway.

Still, you have everything you need to know about storing cut mangoes if the need arises.


  1. How Do You Store Half a Mango?
    You can store half a mango for ten months by placing it in the fridge instead of a freezer.
    Please correct this.

    1. Thanks for your comment, MN.

      I’m pretty sure it’s freezer, though. My fridge drops temperature sometimes, which might affect the longevity of the mango. If you’ve tried the latter personally, though, I’ll love to hear more from you 🙂

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