Mangoes and Your Health What Do Mangoes Cause (Or Not Cause)

Mangoes can lead to various health conditions like rash, diarrhea, and blood pressure spikes. These conditions can result from excess consumption, allergic reactions caused by chemicals in the mango, or it might not even stem from the mango. 

So, keep reading to discover some of the adverse reactions a mango can cause and those it can’t.

Can You Eat Mango With Gastritis?

Yes, you can eat mango when you have gastritis. The presence of Anthocyanins in mango peels makes it suitable for helping with this condition.

However, due to the uniqueness of this condition, you should speak to your doctor for direction on how to incorporate mango into your meal.

Are Mangoes Bad for Sore Throat?

Mangoes are bad for sore throats due to the presence of hairy parts on the fruit, which can lead to increased irritation in your throat.

Can Mangos Cause Sore Throat? 

The hair on the skin of a ripe mango can lead to a sore throat. However, this is rare and usually occurs when the mango isn’t juicy enough and irritates the throat.

Can Mango Trigger Cough?

Mangoes can trigger a bad cough but usually not in isolation. This cough will usually surface due to the effect of an earlier existing sore throat.

Can Mangoes Cause a Rash?

The presence of urushiol oil on the skin of mangoes can cause a rash or a more serious allergic reaction commonly called Anaphylaxis. This isn’t common in most people but is experienced by some people.

In that case, either stay away from eating mangoes or consider other ways to eat mangoes safely.

Can Mangoes Cause Hives?

Amongst all its allergic reactions like itching, acne, and other reactions, mango can also cause hives. This is also primarily due to the urushiol chemical compound, which a small percentage of the population is allergic to.

Can You Become Allergic to Mangoes?

Although it’s not common, it’s possible to be allergic to mango. This is a result of the unknown antigenic compositions of the fruit.

Can Mangoes Cause Diarrhea?

Excess consumption of mango can lead to diarrhea. This is due to the fruit’s high fiber content, leading to bulk stool formation in the intestines.

Do Mangoes Cause Constipation?

No, mangoes can’t cause constipation. Instead, the presence of polyphenolics and sorbitol will help increase bowel movement. Thereby eradicating constipation.

Do Mangoes Cause Heartburn?

Mangoes will cause heartburn when consumed excessively. This heartburn is a result of indigestion from excess mango.

Are Mangoes Bad for Acid Reflux? 

Mango is good for acid reflux only when consumed in a moderate amount.

Can Mangoes Cause Acne?

Mangoes can cause acne due to the presence of carbohydrates in them. These carbohydrates synthesize to produce oil which aids acne breakout on your skin.

Does Mango Create Gas?

Mangoes can lead to gas as a result of the presence of a high amount of fructose. Mangoes will also contribute to bloating if the fruit’s fructose amount supplied to your body supersedes the amount of glucose in your system.

Eat Healthy Mango Doses

The reactions gotten from excess intake of mango differ from person to person. Anytime you notice these side effects, stop consuming the fruit to see if the condition improves. 

If the symptoms persist, visit your doctor for a proper checkup.

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