What Is the Color of Ripe Mango (Green, Red, or Yellow)

Ripe mango can exhibit different colors based on the variety of the mango, exposure to the sun where it’s growing, and other factors. For instance, Ataulfo (honey) mangoes are vibrant yellow, while Kent mangoes assume a dark green color when ripe.

So, I recommend you continue with the rest of this piece to learn how ripening colors may differ and what final colors some mango varieties have on ripening.

Which Is the Color of Mango?

There are six common mango varieties in the US all season long, and they have different ripening and ripened colors. I’ve summarized these in the table below.

Mango VarietyRipening ColorRipened Color
Honey mangoDeep golden colorVibrant yellow color
Francis mangoGreen with a touch of yellowBright yellow
Haden mangoGreen with some yellowingBright red (+green and yellow)
Keitt mangoGreenGreen
Kent mangoYellow spreading dotsDark green with red blush
Tommy AtkinsDark red blushDark red blush
Mango varieties and their ripening cues

What Is the Color of Honey Mango?

The honey mango has a vibrant yellow color when it’s fully ripened. However, this color may start as a golden yellow hue when the fruit is just maturing.

At this stage, it can still be eaten if it’s not too firm, but you won’t get its maximum sweetness at that stage.

What Is the Color of Francis Mango?

The Francis mango is also a bright yellow mango when ripe. But it’s not as bright as the honey mango and slightly bigger than the Ataulfo.

Moreover, the Francis mango starts ripening from a predominantly green color while showing some signs of the yellow color that it’ll grow into later.

What Is the Color of the Haden Mango?

Haden mango starts ripening with mainly green color while showing some yellowing on the skin.

However, it continues maturing with a color change to bright red, retaining trace elements of the green and yellow color from before its maturity.

What Is the Color of the Keitt Mango?

Keitt mangoes retain their green color from the time they start ripening to the end of the ripening process. If left on trees, though, the size may change to give you visual cues. Likewise, they may drop when fully ripe, which is another indicator.

However, the best way to tell when a Keitt mango is ripe is by gently squeezing it to feel the firmness. You can continue with the suggested read below to find out when a mango is ripe in the store.

Suggested Read: How to Tell Mango Ripeness in Stores Before Buying.

What Is the Color of the Kent Mango?

Kent mangoes undergo one of the most intense color changes.

It starts ripening with yellow dots on the skin, spreading slowly to other parts of the fruit as it matures. Once ripe, the skin turns dark green. When ripe, you can sometimes see a red blush on some parts of the mango.

What Is the Color of the Tommy Atkins Mango?

Tommy Atkins mangoes retain a dark red color from when it’s ripening to getting fully ripe. Like the Keitt mango that maintains a green color, you must feel the texture and smell the mango to know when it’s fully ripe.

How Do You Ripen a Mango at Home?

You can ripen a mango at home by leaving it in the open air, storing it in a brown paper bag, or putting the mangoes inside cartons with a banana.

I found a short video to summarize how to ripen a mango fast at home without using any chemicals:

Ripen your mangoes at home organically

In summary, here are some of the best methods and how long they should take.

Mango-Ripening MethodAverage Ripening Time
Leave on the kitchen counter2-3 days
Place in a cardboard box + Cover with newspaper2-3 days
Put the mango in a brown paper bag1-3 days
Store mangoes in hay2-3 days
Bury mangoes in rice1-2 days
Average ripening time for different mango ripening methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Ripe Mango Green or Red?

A ripe mango can be green, red, or a variety of other colors depending on the exposure of the mango to the sun and mango variety. For example, Tommy Atkins mangoes may turn a dark red when ripe, but Keitt mangoes will only stay green when ripe.

Thus, don’t judge a mango’s ripeness by the color alone; check for the texture and variety-specific cues.

Is A Ripe Mango Green or Yellow?

A ripe mango is neither green nor yellow, as this depends on the variety of the mango. For instance, Keitt mangoes are green when ripe, while honey mangoes turn a bright yellow on ripening.

However, the popular mango varieties are usually green when unripe or slightly ripe, tending to yellow once they ripen or get overripe. Still, it’s best to know what mango you’re dealing with to make the best decision.

How Do You Know a Mango Is Ripe?

A mango is ripe when it changes color according to its variety, has a slightly firm but soft texture, and smells right. Thus, combining visual and physical cues is best when choosing a ripe mango.

Still, you can buy an unripe mango and ripen it yourself by storing in paper boxes, cardboard cartons, or leaving it on the kitchen counter.

Don’t Judge by The Color Alone

You now know that the color alone is not an indicator of mango ripeness.

Given that there are different mango seasons, you can’t always use the color cues for one mango to judge another. So, smell the mango and check the firmness to reconfirm your suspicions of ripeness or otherwise.

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