Where Can You Sell Fresh Mangoes (6 Unique Options)

You can market and sell your fresh mangoes to ready customers on social media, through a website, or from your own brick-and-mortar shop.

Your preferred method of sale can depend on how large the quantity is, or how accessible your mangoes are to buyers.

So, let’s explore different ways to sell your fresh mangoes, considerations to make, and everything else in between. 

6 Places to Sell Your Fresh Mangoes

Here are six places you can sell your fresh mangoes.

Sell Mangoes to Local Retailers

You can sell your mangoes to your local retailers who also resell them to their customers or use the mangoes for other purposes. If you have fresh mangoes in little quantities, retailers are the best people you can sell them to for the best prices.

Sell Mangoes to Wholesale Buyers

You can sell mangoes to wholesalers if you operate a large mango farm. Farmers with large plantations usually have a wholesale agency assigned to their state. This agency would buy in bulk and help distribute to retailers.

Sell to local retailers and wholesale buyers

If your state doesn’t have one, search online for other wholesale buyers that may be interested in getting your mangoes. Or, make local inquiries to know where other farmers are selling their produce.

Sell Mangoes Out of Your Own Shop

You can also sell mangoes from your own brick-and-mortar shop. This process is advisable as it allows you to sell to both retailers and immediate consumers while being in control of price. In some cases, you can also sell to a wholesaler if you end up with a massive harvest. 

Create a Personal Website to Sell Your Mangoes

You can sell mangoes from your own personal website. Creating a website is also effective to reach out to a larger number of buyers. 

The only challenge you might face while running this website is logistics as you’d be charged a lot due to the weight of the fruit. So, partner up with a reliable, fast, and secure logistics firm to handle your deliveries to customers.

Sell Mangoes Via Online eCommerce Stores

You can market your mangoes through online eCommerce stores like Pabbly, BookMyMango, and Salemmango. 

You can sell mangoes on Amazon too!

Note that online eCommerce stores would require a little percentage of your sales. However, they make up for that by offering you a platform while handling some parts of your marketing and all of your distribution.

Sell Mangoes on Social Media

You can sell mangoes on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of these social media platforms, like Facebook, have groups established by other farmers and sellers which could help facilitate your sales.

You can also pay for promotions of your business on these social media platforms. That way, you reach a bigger, more targeted audience faster.

Important Factors to Consider Before Starting a Mango Business

Selling mangoes may be as straightforward as taking them from your own farm to where you want to sell them. Since they’re also food, the process might be more complicated.

To be on the safer side of the law, here are some considerations to make before selling to your first customer:

  • Check local laws and regulations: Ensure you’re complying with local and federal food laws that may exist around selling mangoes. There aren’t many concerns in many areas but it doesn’t hurt to check to be sure.
  • Have a reliable supply: Mangoes may be available all year long but mango season in the US isn’t all year long. So, ensure you have a reliable supply to stay in business in the off-season.
  • Look for the market: Don’t just start a mango business and assume that you’ll get buyers. Of course, the fruit is popular but so are the known sellers. So, it’s best to research the kind of market you want to sell to so your supply doesn’t go bad.
  • Consider selling mango by-products: Not everyone may want to eat a mango but prefer mango juice, mango purees, mango sauces, and other things you can make from mango. If you can find the market for it, this is another way to repurpose your mangoes. 

How Do I Start a Mango Business?

You can start a mango business by:

  1. Knowing how to care for both your soil and mango.
  2. Understanding small-scale investing so you can start selling to a smaller market before going for a large one.
  3. Learning how to package and export mango.
  4. Studying all the ways you can preserve the mango for transportation.
  5. Deciding your mode of exportation/transportation.


What is the Price of 1kg of Mango?

A kilogram of mango can cost between $1.00 to $6.25 depending on its demand rate. The cost of mango is also dependent on the time of the season, what mango varieties you’re buying, and the retailer selling the fruit.

Can You Sell Mangoes on Amazon?

Yes, you can sell your mangoes on Amazon through the shopping and grocery section.

Start Selling Your Mangoes

Now you know different ways to sell your mangoes, whether online or offline. I’ve also included some special considerations to ensure you never get off on the wrong foot when starting this business.

I hope you find a good market for your mangoes, and make plenty of sales too.

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